About Us

Eureka Techno Service is a brainchild of ArunHampanavar incorporated in the year 1992.

Arun has been a veteran in the domain of colour and printing industry for more than 25 years.

During his stint in various companies in India and Abroad he sensed there was a complete lack of indigenous laboratory testing equipment which could be easily available locally and match international standards. The company started with its flagship product Bar coater often known as Mayer Bar coater which gave an excellent response in the market.

Arun's constant desire to upgrade and scale-up lead to further extension to automated version of bar coater and new addition of equipment like Dyne Marker Pen, Flow Cup Viscometer, offset ink proofing kit.

Our intent is to always offer the best quality and better service to our clients. Since our inception we have more than 200 clients not only in India but also in South Asia, Africa, GCC countries.

Our approach is to serve our clients as consultants and suggest the best suitable equipment to our clients. Mr. Arun is supported by Ms. AsmitaShibe who has been with the company since its inception.

Mr. Arun heads product development and the technical requirement and Ms. Asmita looks into Sales, Marketing and Finance.

Our Products are as below

  • Hand Bar Coater
  • Semi-Automatic Bar coater
  • Auto Bar Coater
  • Dyne Marker Pen or Corona Treatment tester or Surface treatment tester
  • Flow Cup Viscometer
  • Off Set ink proofing kit

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