Auto Bar Coater

Auto Bar Coater
Auto Bar Coater
  • Complete automated system with speed control
  • Most suitable as an instrument for ISO 9000 certification
  • Operates on a simple lever arm assembly, giving precise weight on metering or coating rod and also prevents rotation of rod during coating stroke
  • Easy to operate instructions are provided along with the equipment
  • Made from precision HEVAY DUTY IMPORTED linear-motion ball bearing slides with long life
  • The EFFECTIVE coating area or drawdown size : 20 cms x 25 cms (width x height)


  • Eliminates "Human" error involved with 'HAND OPERATOR' DRAWDOWN equipment
  • Eliminates variation in rod pressure (left and right side pressure)
  • Eliminates variation in rod Angle or direction of stroke
  • Controls drawdown speed (better than hand drawdown)
  • Precision equipment which can be operated both by unskilled or skilled operator, to produce consistent and repeatable results and at an affordable price as compared to 'costly' imported equipment

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