Flow Cup Viscometer (B-4 Ford Cup)

Flow Cup Viscometer (B-4 Ford Cup)
  • Suitable for measuring the viscosity of paints, varnish liquid inks and surface coating

Technical information

Liquid inks, paints, varnish and surface coatings and other chemicals are supplied in "concentrated" form. The user needs to reduce or tally the thickness to their required level (by use of reducer or solvents) i.e to suit their requirement. Finally standardize these solutions by using B-4 Cup viscosity cup and measure the reading in seconds i.e time taken pass through the cup.

How to Use?

  • Select the cup and place it on the stand
  • Please ensure the cup and the test fluid are at the required temperature
  • Fill the cup with the test liquid upto the rim and remove the extra liquid
  • Please ensure there are no bubbles or any debris in the fluid
  • Use finger to Seal the cup at the bottom and fill it with the test fluid
  • Remove the finger at the bottom and start the stop watch timer
  • Stop the watch at the very instance the liquid stops
  • The elapsed time displays the "Flow Time" of the fluid

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