Surface Tension Or Wettability Tester

Surface Tension Or Wettability Tester
Surface Tension Or Wettability Tester
  • Recommended for Flexible packaging industries for ensuring adequate print adhesion on LDPE / HPE / B.O.P.P. such difficult to print plastic films
  • For coating and laminating industries to ensure satisfactory ply bond strength or adhesion
  • Plastic blow molding industries for satisfactory print adhesion and sticker adhesion on plastic containers
  • Also for other industries for testing surface wettability / surface energy especially designed felt pens, gives a continuous and uniform layer of ink, which is essential for accurate assessment of test result

Need for Surface Treatment tester

Plastic films and plastic containers used in the packaging play an important role as the films are printed with attractive eye catching colourson pouches and various packs. These plastic films and containers are specially treated for the print or the lamination to stick to the film so that the INK or the print does not come off / peel due to handling or friction.

Usually these plastic or films are containers are BOPP, LDPE, HDPE etc. suck films are INERT or NON POLAR in nature, therefore they do not "ACCEPT" printing / coating on these surface unless surface is oxygenated or made POLAR.

These surface are treated is done either by HIGH VOLTAGE CORONO DISCHARGE or BY FLAME TREATMENT. The surface "ENGERGY" or treatment LEVEL is measured in DYNES / cm.

The treatment level tester consists of PENS and FLUID bottles of different DYNE / cm.

How does it works?

While testing treatment levels, if the INK from the pen forms an UNIFORM LAYER for atleast for TWO SECONDS without breaking into DROPLETS, then treatment level marked on the PEN MATCHES with the treatment level of the TREATED FILMS. (Please do not count breaking of ink marking at the EDGES as failure).

FOR Example: If we have made marking with 32 Dyne / Cm pen on plastic film, and the ink marking immediately forms into DROPLETS within 2 Seconds, then the film in question has very POOR treatment level, which is less than 32 Dyne / CM.

On such poorly treated or untreated, if printing or Lamination is done, then such film we have POOR INK adhesion i.e print / /ink will flake / or ink dry film will come off due to frictional rubbing / mechanical handling resulting in Non Acceptability either by buyer / consumer.

Hence testing of surface treatment level is must for certain variety of PLASTIC FILMS and CONTAINERS as mentioned.

Please note for good print adhesion or for good lamination minimum treatment of 38 Dynes / cm or more is required.

We offer 2 variants of surface treatment tester

  • Dyne Tester ranging from 32 - 42 along with refill bottle
  • Pocket marker type (Very handy for carrying with your pocket - Disposable Pen)

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